All entrees come with (2) Vegetable Sides and Jonny Cake. Spice Level: Mild or Spicy.  Prices reflect Small-Large.

CHICKEN ($8.44 – $10.56)

Jerk Chicken      
Cuts of whole or boneless chicken rubbed in our custom jerk sauce and finished in baked format.

Curry Chicken   
Cuts of whole chicken infused in mild curry sauce. (Mild)

Brown Stew Chicken      
Cuts of whole chicken infused in our custom brown sauce. (Mild)

Mango Chutney Chicken              
Tender cuts‏ of boneless chicken breast seasoned, battered and deep fried and served with a mango sauce. (Mild)

MEAT & FISH ($12 – $23)

Curried Goat
Locally farmed goat marinated and stewed in curry sauce. (Mild)

Curry Goat Mutton

Choice cuts of Beef oxtails seasoned, braised & simmered in our custom sauce. (Mild)


Ackee N Saltfish
Jamaican national‏ dish. Ackee is picked from a tree, cleaned, steamed and sauteed with salted cod fish.

Jerk Salmon
Grilled salmon steeped in jerk sauce topped with peppers and onions. (Mild/Spicy)

Red Snapper Filet
Fileted Red Snapper fish pan seared and finished in Escoveitch sauce. (Mild/Spicy)

Red Snapper Filet
Red Snapper Filet

Red Snapper Whole
Whole Red Snapper pan seared and finished in Escoveitch sauce. (Mild/Spicy)

VEGETARIAN / VEGAN ($8.67 – $11.21)

Barbecue Soy
Textured soy-based protein infused in our custom barbecue sauce. (Mild)

Coconut Delite
Textured soy-based protein infused in our custom coconut sauce. (Mild)

Spicy Jerk Soy
Textured soy-based protein seasoned in spicy marinade and sauteed in our custom sauce. (Spicy)

Veggie Fri Chikn
Textured soy-based protein seasoned, battered, deep fried, and finished like real chicken nuggets. Served with a mango sauce. (Mild)

Veggie Fried Chikn
Veggie Fried Chikn

Eggplant Parmesan
Slices of fresh Eggplant seasoned, battered and deep fried and topped with our custom sauce. (Mild)

Curry Tofu (Vegan)
Cubes of tofu seasoned and gently sauteed in custom curry sauce and combined with boiled potatoes. (Mild)

Spicy Jerk Gluten (Vegan)
Kneaded gluten flour balls seasoned in spicy marinade and sauteed in our custom sauce; topped with vegetable medley. (Spicy)

Vegetable Plate
Choice of (3) vegetable sides. (Mild)

Beef, Chicken, and Veggie Patties.

SIDES ($2.25 – $2.95)

(2) Sides and (1) Jonny Cake come with every entree at no additional cost. Extra Sides are priced as shown above. Sides are 100% vegetarian.


Rice N Peas
Jamaican style rice seasoned and cooked with red or pigeon peas.

Yellow Rice         Steamed rice with yellow food coloring flavor.

White Rice          Steamed white rice with rich butter flavor.

Fried Plantains  Sliced pieces of plantain deep fried to custom texture.

Sweet Potatoes                
Steamed cubed sweet potatoes finished in custom sweet sauce.

Steamed vegetarian collard, turnip or callaloo greens finished in custom sauce

Cheezy Mashed Potatoes
Boiled potatoes mashed and mixed with milk and topped with melted cheddar cheese.

Green Beans      Steamed green beans finished in our custom marinade.

Steamed Cabbage           Steamed cabbage finished in custom sauce

Small Salad
Typical salad tossed with an array of vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and more.


Juices: ($3.50)
Mango Carrot / Pineapple Ginger / Carrot / Sorrel / Peanut Punch / Tropical Punch

Drinks: ($1.25 – $1.85)   
Bottled Water
US Sodas                             Coke / Pepsi / Mtn Dew / Sprite / Dr Pepper
Jamaican Sodas               
Ginger Beer / Ting / Pineapple / Kola Champagne / Cream Soda

Iced Teas: ($1.75 – $10.50)
Caffeine free‏ Herbal Peach or Raspberry teas available in 16oz or 1-gallon sizes.


Jamaican Patties ($2.00 – $3.25)
A small pie filled with meat or vegetables. Choices are Spicy Beef, Mild Beef, Curry Chicken, Jerk Chicken, Veggie, Spinach or Spinach and Cheese.

Coco Bread ( $1.25)
A tasty buttery individual pocket bread usually eaten with a Jamaican Patty.

Roti   ($8.67 – $11.00); Roti Skin ($3.75)
A dahl-infused wrap filled with choice of curried chicken, curried goat or curried vegetarian proteins and optional vegetables.

DESSERTS ($2.75 – $4.95)

Coconut Drops                 
A sweetened concoction of grated coconut and ginger.

Slice of Cake                       Choice of Carrot, Chocolate or Coconut cake.

Signature Trifle                 
Tasty mix of pastry, fruits and cream served in a cup or bowl.

Jamaican Black Cake       Slice of traditional Jamaican fruit cake.